Rules of Renting Boats during Bydgoszcz 2023 EUC Rowing


There is the possibility of renting rowing boats (with a set of oars) for the duration of the championship. The boats are not new, but are of good quality and are used by local rowing clubs to compete in regattas.


Boat rental price:

- 1x (Single Scull) - 200€/boat,

- 2x (Double Scull) - 300€/boat,

- 2- (Coxless Pair) - €300/boat,

- 4x (Quad) - 450 €/boat,

- 4- (Coxless Four) - 450 €/boat,

- 8+ (Coxed Eight) 700 €/boat.


A refundable deposit of 100€/boat is added to the price of the boat rental. The deposit will be refunded when the boat is returned and inspected. The deposit is paid immediately before picking up the boats - in cash. In the event of damage to the boat (oars), the deposit will not be returned - and will be the insurance deductible. Despite all efforts, the organizer will not always be able to secure boats of the ordered displacement.


In order to submit the demand for boat rental, please fill out the form. The link to the form is the following:

Note! Please fill out one form for each boat!


The person responsible for the payment will receive an e-mail with the payment information.


The demand for boat rental should be submitted by July 31st.