Competition Order

Countdown Begins: 3 Months to the Championship!


Excitement fills the air as we approach the highly anticipated European Universities Rowing Championship, where athletes from across the Europe will come together to showcase their extraordinary skills and compete for the medals.


With exactly 3 months remaining until the grand event, the stage is being set for a spectacular display of talent, determination and sportsmanship.


As the Organizing Committee diligently works behind the scenes, the competition order has been meticulously crafted, ensuring a fair and thrilling experience for both participants and spectators.

The eagerly awaited competition order is as follows:

Morning Session

 Afternoon Session

1.   LM2x

12. LM1x

2.   LW1x

13. LW2x

3.   M4-

14. W4x

4.   M4x

15. LM2-

5.   W2-

16. M1x

6.   W1x

17. LM4x

7.   LW4x

18. W4-

8.   LM4-

19. W2x

9.   M2-

20. M8+

10. M2x

11. W8+


For the competitors the coming three months will be filled with intense training, refining their techniques, and honing their mental and physical strength. The excitement and pressure will undoubtedly build as the days tick by, but the countdown will also serve as a reminder of the immense opportunity that lies ahead.

The championship will bring together the finest students-athletes, showcasing their passion and dedication to rowing!


We also take this opportunity to remind you to submit your Quantitative Entry forms as soon as possible, as it will allow the OC to prepare the competition schedule.


So mark your calendars, set your reminders and prepare for a thrilling 3 months leading up to the championship!


See you soon in Bydgoszcz, Poland!